Blues Lessons

Blues Lessons

Blues Lessons
11. R 3 7 Chords. Muting Technique. A Blues. Bb Blues.
13. Slow Blues in D. R 3 b7 R Chords: Strings 5 4 3 2.
14. Four-note Chord Voicings. Key of F. A Blues.
15. D Blues Bending Exercise.
16. A Blues: Soloing Over Chord Changes.
18. Bb Blues Soloing. Blues Solo Challenge.
19. A Blues Solo Phrasing. Simple Blues Phrasing.
31. Tasteful Minor Pentatonic in C.
32. Review C & F Triads. Review Triads in Bb Blues.
38. Slow Blues in C with 9th Slides.

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Blues Lessons
  • TF Lesson 011

    Learn R 3 7 Chords: Muting Technique, Playing A Blues, Playing Bb Blues, Practicing with a Metronome. Guitar: 1965 Fender Stratocaster. Amp: Nolatone Club Master.

  • TF Lesson 013

    Slow Blues in D. Practice with a Metronome. Playing chords (R 3 b7 R) on Strings 5 4 3 2. 1965 Fender Stratocaster and Nolatone Club Master amp.

  • TF Lesson 014

    Learning four-note chord voicings. Using these to play A Blues. Guitar: Ibanez AZ Prestige. Fender Pro Reverb Amp.

  • TF Lesson 015

    Core Music and Technique: D Blues - Bending Exercise. Fender 1965 Stratocaster. Nolatone Club Master Amp.

  • TF Lesson 016

    A Blues: Soloing over chord changes. Guitar: John Page Classic AJ. Amp: Fender Pro Reverb.

  • TF Lesson 018

    Bb Blues Soloing. TFGW Blues Solo Challenge. Guitar: Kanji Hard Tail. Fender Pro Reverb Amp.

  • TF Lesson 019

    A Blues Solo Phrasing. B.B. King Phrasing. Simple Blues Phrasing with Attention to Chord Tone. Guitar: 2002 Gibson Les Paul R9. Classic Fender Pro Reverb Amp.

  • TF Lesson 031

    Tasteful Minor Pentatonic in C. PRS Silver Sky. Lehle P-Split with 2 Fender Pro Reverb Amps. BOSS RC-1 Loop Station.

  • TF Lesson 032

    Reviewing (1) Triads in C and F and (2) Triads in Bb Blues. PRS Silver Sky. Lehle P-Split. Fender Pro Reverb Amps.

  • TF Lesson 038

    Slow Blues in C with 9th Slides. To get the most from this Lesson, Tomo suggests that you review the four-note chord voicings covered in Lesson 14. Gear: 1967 Gibson ES-335, Lehle P-Split, Fender Pro Reverb Amp (2).