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Tomo Fujita is a professional musician and a guitar professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. He has been teaching at Berklee for twenty-seven years. In this series, he shares many of the lessons he has developed for his Berklee students, together with demos that you will not find anywhere else, and rhythm tracks that will accompany your creation of new licks and melodies. Visit Tomo's USA website at for more information.

  • Welcome to Guitar Wisdom

    3 videos

    Introduction to Guitar Wisdom and this Site

  • Beginner Series

    20 videos

    Chords, Picking, Strumming, Muting: Basic elements that every beginner ought to learn, and every intermediate player ought to know.

    B1. Open Chord: E minor
    B2. Open Chord: D
    B3. Open Chord: C
    B4. Open Chord: G
    B5. Open Chord: A
    B6. Open Chords: E A Em Am
    B7. Open Chords: G E- C D "Songwriter" S...

  • Sight-Reading Series

    32 videos

    Welcome to the Guitar Wisdom Sight-Reading Series, in which Tomo will guide you through Section One of a popular Berklee lesson book, "A Modern Method for Guitar, Volume 1" by William G. Leavitt, former Chair of the Guitar Department at Berklee College of Music. Section One of the Leavitt book fo...

  • Sight-Reading Series II

    4 videos

    The sight-reading lessons continue with Section Two of "A Modern Method for Guitar, Volume 1" by William G. Leavitt. In order to follow these lessons, you will need to purchase a copy of the book, which is available at and elsewhere.

    SR33. Pages 60, 61. C Major – 2nd Position.

  • Music Theory I

    25 videos

    01. C Major Scale
    02. G Major & F Major
    03. Roman Numerals
    04. D Major & D Dorian
    05. G Mixolydian & C Mixolydian
    06. A Aeolian
    07. Lydian
    08. Phrygian
    09. C Major Pentatonic
    10. Minor Pentatonic
    11. Minor Triads
    12. Diatonic Triads
    13. Diatonic 7th Chords
    14. Locrian Mode
    15. Harmoni...

  • Foundation & Technique I

    19 videos


    01. Introduction to this Subscription Site
    02. Using a Notebook
    03. Grip, Strap, Holding the Guitar
    03-1 Theory 01 C Major Scale
    04. Learning the N...

  • Foundation & Technique II

    22 videos


    07. Applying Triads. G Major. How to Practice.
    08. How to Change Strings.
    09. Triads and Playing Bb Blues.
    10. Triads and Melody: Twin...

  • Music Theory II - Applied Theory

    7 videos

    AT01. Applying Diatonic Chords
    AT02. A-7 Funk Groove: Triad Approach
    AT03. Soloing Ideas for min7 Chords
    AT04. Soloing Over Dom7 Chords
    AT05. One, Six, Two, Five - 7th Chords
    AT06. One, Six, Two, Five - Improvisation
    AT07. G Blues Rhythm Playing

  • Q&A/Proficiency

    4 videos

    Guitar-playing proficiency videos, and Tomo's answers to subscribers' questions. This playlist will likely give you some helpful ideas about how/what you ought to practice!

    QAP01. Foundation Test Level 1
    QAP02. How to Learn with Guitar Wisdom
    QAP03. Learning to Improvise
    QAP04. Foundation Test L...

  • Blues Lessons

    20 videos

    Blues Lessons
    BL01. (011) R 3 7 Chords. Muting Technique. A Blues. Bb Blues.
    BL02. (013) Slow Blues in D. R 3 b7 R Chords: Strings 5 4 3 2.
    BL03. (014) Four-note Chord Voicings. Key of F. A Blues.
    BL04. (014-1) Play Blues with 4-Note Dom 7 Chords.
    BL05. (014-2) Dom7 Chords: 4-Note Voicings
    BL06. ...

  • Jazz/Blues Lessons

    9 videos

    Jazz/Blues Lessons
    17. F Jazz Blues to Parker Blues in F.
    20. Parker Blues: Soloing Over Chord Changes.
    26. Bb Jazz Blues. Finger Picking.
    29. Bb Jazz Blues Soloing: Simple Phrasing.
    30. R 3 7 Swing Groove. Left-Hand Muting.
    39. Blues Bossa Nova.
    42. B minor Blues ("Thrill") Chord Changes.
    43. B ...

  • Funk/Jazz Lessons

    7 videos

    Funk/Jazz Lessons
    21. Funky Groove in A minor (Sunny Chord Changes)
    22. Useful Soloing Approach: Funky Jazz in A minor
    23. E7 Funk Chords: All You Need!
    24. Fast-Triplet Funky Groove.
    24-1 Funky Right-Hand Technique with Fast Triplets.
    25. Slap Guitar in 4 Steps.
    63. Funky Groove in E.

  • Neo Soul/R&B/Jazz Lessons

    12 videos

    33. Tom Misch Chord Changes: Crazy Dream
    34. Tom Misch Chord Changes: Soloing Ideas
    35. Neo Soul/R&B Rhythm Playing (WGO Chords)
    36. Neo Soul/ Improvising Over R&B Chord Changes
    37. Neo Soul/R&B Double Stop Fills (David T. Walker)
    44. Neo Soul/R&B Benson Groove Chord Changes
    45. N...

  • Soloing/Improvisation Lessons

    14 videos

    16. A Blues Soloing Over Chord Changes
    20. Parker Blues: Soloing Over Chord Changes
    22. Useful Soloing Approach: Funky Jazz in A- (Sunny)
    27. B Dorian Soloing
    28. Shaping B Dorian Solos with Diatonic Triads
    29. Bb Jazz Blues Soloing with Simple Phrasing
    34. Tom Misch Chords (Crazy Dream): Soloing...

  • Tomo Fujita Original Music: Lessons/Demos

    14 videos

    TFO L01 (L41) "Kyoto" Part 1: Chord Changes, Triads Etude.
    TFO D01 (D41) "Kyoto" Soloing Demo.
    TFO L02 (L52) "Kyoto" Part 2 - Melody.
    TFO B01 (B03) "Kyoto" Backing Track.
    TFO L03 (L47) "Confidence Cat" Intro and B Section.
    TFO L04 (L47-1) "Confidence Cat" Funky Fast Triplets.
    TFO D02 (D47) "Confi...

  • Blues and Jazz/Blues Demos

    19 videos

    09. Fender 1956 Musicmaster. Bb Blues/Swing Groove.
    10. Fender 1956 Musicmaster. Bb Jazz Blues.
    15. Fender Japan Telecaster, Jazz/Blues Walking Bass.
    16. John Page Classic AJ, A Blues Soloing.
    17. John Page Classic AJ. Jazz/Blues Rhythm Playing.
    19. 1965 Stratocaster. Blues including Lightnin' Ho...

  • Funk/Jazz Demos

    9 videos

    01. Kanji TF Signature. Funky Rhythm.
    02. Fender 1965 Stratocaster. Funky Rhythm.
    11. Ibanez AZ Prestige. Funky E Blues.
    13. Ibanez AZ Prestige. Funky Groove (Sunny).
    22. Fender Japan Telecaster. Solo Over Funky Groove.
    23. Kanji Hard Tail/PRS (Japan). Funky Rhythm in E.
    27. PRS (Japan), Fu...

  • Neo Soul/R&B/Jazz Demos

    8 videos

    12. Ibanez AZ Prestige. R&B (WGO) Chord Changes.
    17. John Page Classic AJ. Jazz Blues/R&B Rhythm.
    37. Gibson (1967) ES-335. Neo Soul/R&B (WGO) Solo.
    40. Fender JM Strat. Neo Soul (Tom Misch) Soloing.
    45. Gibson ES-335. Benson Groove (Affirmation) Solo.
    46. Fender SRV Strat. Soulful Ja...

  • Gear Exploration Demos

    15 videos

    Unless otherwise noted, Amp is a Fender Pro Reverb.
    03. Fender Japan, Inexpensive Guitar.
    04. 1967 Gibson ES-335. Blues, Jazz, Bending.
    05. 1967 Gibson ES-335. Blues Phrasing. Bending.
    06. Kanji Hard Tail. Swing Blues.
    07. Fender Squier STRAT, Inexpensive Guitar.
    08. Fender 1956 Duo-Sonic. ...

  • TF Backing Tracks

    19 videos

    Play along with these Backing Tracks, many of which include soloing demos. Click "show more" to see a list.

    01. B minor Blues
    02. Blues Bossa Nova
    03. "Kyoto" by Tomo Fujita
    04. Soulful Jazz (Lovely) Chord Changes
    05. "Crazy Dream" Chords
    06. Neo Soul/R&B Chord Changes
    07. Slow Blues in C

  • TF Gear Tours

    4 videos

    Tomo gives subscribers an insiders' look at his various guitars, amplifiers, effects, speakers and more! Click "show more" to see list.

    01. Fender Pro Reverb. Two-Rock TF Signature. Two-Rock with String Driver Cabinet.
    02. Blues Cube Artist. Nolatone Club Master.
    03. Fender Princeton Rever...