Foundation & Technique II

Foundation & Technique II


07. Applying Triads. G Major. How to Practice.
08. How to Change Strings.
09. Triads and Playing Bb Blues.
10. Triads and Melody: Twinkle.
11. R 3 7 Chords, Muting Technique, A Blues, Bb Blues.
12. Setting up your amp. Three things to practice daily.
14. Four-Note Chord Voicings. Key of F. A Blues.
32. Reviewing C & F Triads.
40. Rhythm Skills. No Guitar in this Lesson!
55. E Blues Shuffle. Rhythm, Muting, Loop Pedal Tips.
57. How to Practice.
58. Play Blues with 4-Note Dom 7 Chords.

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Foundation & Technique II
  • TF Lesson 007 Applying Triads, Loop Station Tips

    Applying triads in music, using a VI IV I V progression in G Major. How to practice and make your own backing tracks with BOSS RC-1 Loop Station.

  • TF Lesson 008 Changing Strings

    How to change strings. Tomo also recommends various strings for guitar players to try.

  • TF Lesson 009 Triads + Bb Blues

    From Triads to Bb Blues.

  • TF Lesson 010 Twinkle Twinkle

    Choosing the right inversions of triads to play a melody: Twinkle Twinkle.

  • TF Lesson 011 Learn R 3 7 Chords

    Learn R 3 7 Chords: Muting Technique, Playing A Blues, Playing Bb Blues, Practicing with a Metronome. Guitar: 1965 Fender Stratocaster. Amp: Nolatone Club Master.

  • TF Lesson 012 Practice Ideas, Gear Settings

    Three things to practice daily: chromatic scales, triads and playing R 3 7 groove with a metronome. Also: setting up your amp to get the most out of your practice time. This lesson features a classic Fender 1965 Stratocaster and a Nolatone Club Master amp.

  • TF Lesson 014 Four-Note Chord Voicings

    Learning four-note chord voicings. Using these to play A Blues. Guitar: Ibanez AZ 2204 Custom. Fender Pro Reverb Amp. IMPORTANT: The "top" note, in each column on the sheet that Tomo displays in this lesson, is the "top" (highest) note of the chord, which is on the first string. So, if you read e...

  • TF Lesson 032 Triads Review + Triads in Bb Blues

    Reviewing (1) Triads in C and F and (2) Triads in Bb Blues. PRS Silver Sky. Lehle P-Split. Fender Pro Reverb Amps.

  • TF Lesson 040 Focus on Rhythm

    Focus on Rhythm. This Lesson will be especially helpful to players who struggle with Sixteenth Notes, Alternate Picking, and Playing a Funk Groove. No guitar in this lesson!

  • TF Lesson 055 E Blues Shuffle

    E Blues Shuffle. Simple Rhythm Playing. Muting Technique. Tips for improvisation with BOSS RC-1 Loop Station. Guitar: Kanji TF Signature. Lehle P-Split High-Impedance Signal Splitter. Fender Pro Reverb Amps (2). D’Addario Strings. Pickboy 1 mm TF Signature Pick.

  • TF Lesson 057 How to Practice

    How to Practice. Amp Settings. Guitar Settings. Use a Strap. Chromatic Scale Fingering Exercises. Triads and R 3 7 Swing. Try New Ideas. Guitar: Ibanez AZ 2204 Custom.

  • TF Lesson 058 4-Note Chords in Blues

    Learn 4-Note Dominant 7th Chords in Blues: Four Voicings on Strings 1, 2, 3 and 4. Ear Training: Learn by Degree, not by Shape! See Lesson 14 on 4-Note Chord Voicings. Remember, the “Top Note” is the highest note (by pitch) in the chord. Guitar: Kanji TF Signature. Lehle P-Split. Two Fender Pro R...