Foundation & Core Music Lessons

Foundation & Core Music Lessons

01. Introduction to this Subscription Course.
02. Using a Notebook.
03. Lecture/Demo on Grip, Bending, Holding the Guitar.
04. Learning the Notes on the Fret Board.
05. String Bending Lecture and Demo.
06. Triads: C Major. Hear/Sing. Vertical/Horizontal.
07. Applying Triads. G Major. How to Practice.
08. How to Change Strings.
09. Triads and Playing Bb Blues.
10. Triads and Melody: Twinkle.
11. R 3 7 Chords, Muting Technique, A Blues, Bb Blues.
12. Setting up your amp. Three things to practice daily.
32. Reviewing C & F Triads.
40. Rhythm Skills. No Guitar in this Lesson!

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Foundation & Core Music Lessons
  • TF Lesson 001

    Introduction to this subscription series.

  • TF Lesson 002

    Learning strategy: use a notebook.

  • TF Lesson 003

    Lecture and Demonstration: Grip, Bending, and the Importance of Using a Strap.

  • TF Lesson 004

    Learning the Notes on the Fretboard.

  • TF Lesson 005

    String Bending, Blues Style, with reference to the music of B.B. King. Exercises with a focus on pitch to improve your technique.

  • TF Lesson 006

    Triads. Learning C Major triads, including inversions, horizontally and vertically on the fret board.

  • TF Lesson 007

    Applying triads in music, using a VI IV I V progression in G Major. How to practice and make your own backing tracks with BOSS RC-1 Loop Station.

  • TF Lesson 008

    How to change strings. Tomo also recommends various strings for guitar players to try.

  • TF Lesson 009

    From Triads to Bb Blues.

  • TF Lesson 010

    Choosing the right inversions of triads to play a melody: Twinkle Twinkle.

  • TF Lesson 011

    Learn R 3 7 Chords: Muting Technique, Playing A Blues, Playing Bb Blues, Practicing with a Metronome. Guitar: 1965 Fender Stratocaster. Amp: Nolatone Club Master.

  • TF Lesson 012

    Three things to practice daily: chromatic scales, triads and playing R 3 7 groove with a metronome. Also: setting up your amp to get the most out of your practice time. This lesson features a classic Fender 1965 Stratocaster and a Nolatone Club Master amp.

  • TF Lesson 032

    Reviewing (1) Triads in C and F and (2) Triads in Bb Blues. PRS Silver Sky. Lehle P-Split. Fender Pro Reverb Amps.

  • TF Lesson 040

    Focus on Rhythm. This Lesson will be especially helpful to players who struggle with Sixteenth Notes, Alternate Picking, and Playing a Funk Groove. No guitar in this lesson!