Music Theory I

Music Theory I

01. C Major Scale
02. G Major & F Major
03. Roman Numerals
04. D Major & D Dorian
05. G Mixolydian & C Mixolydian
06. A Aeolian
07. Lydian
08. Phrygian

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Music Theory I
  • Theory 01 C Major Scale

    Learning the elements of a Major scale, starting with C Major: degree, whole step and half step, and some attention to intervals and triads.

  • Theory 02 G Major F Major

    Learning the notes in the G Major Scale and the F Major Scale, using what we learned in the preceding lesson.

  • Theory 03 Roman Numerals

    Understanding the Roman Numeral system. What does I IV V mean, in C Major and G Major?

  • Theory 04 D Major D Dorian

    D Major & D Dorian. Learning the notes in the D Major Scale. Learning D Dorian (by note and degree) and understanding its relationship to C Major.

  • Theory 05 G Mixolydian C Mixolydian

    Learn the notes and degrees of G Mixolydian and C Mixolydian, understand their relationship to C Major, and play over a two-chord (I IV) vamp.

  • Theory 06 A Aeolian

    Learn the Aeolian mode/scale (natural minor scale) by note and degree, understand the relationship between A Aeolian and C Major, and play over chord changes.

  • Theory 07 Lydian

    Learn the Lydian mode/scale and play over chord changes in several keys. Gear: Ibanez AZ 2204 Custom, Air Straps guitar strap, Fender Pro Reverb (2), Lehle P-Split high-impedance signal splitter, D’Addario Strings, Pickboy 1 mm TF Signature, BOSS RC-1 Loop Station.

  • Theory 08 Phrygian

    Phrygian mode/scale. Play a melody over chord changes, and discover the three other modes/scales that are played in melodic soloing over a four-chord progression. Gibson (1967) ES-335. Lehle P-Split High-Impedance Signal Splitter. Two Fender Pro Reverb Amps. BOSS RC-1 Loop Station. D’Addario Stri...