Guitar-playing proficiency videos, and Tomo's answers to subscribers' questions. This playlist will likely give you some helpful ideas about how/what you ought to practice!

QAP01. Foundation Test Level 1
QAP02. How to Learn with Guitar Wisdom
QAP03. Learning to Improvise
QAP04. Foundation Test Level 2

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  • QAP01 Foundation Test Level 1 - Chromatic Scale - Triads - R 3 7 - Shuffle

    Foundation Test Level 1. Chromatic Scale – Fingering Technique. Triads: Vertical, Horizontal, Same Inversion. R37 Swing Groove: Strumming, Muting Technique. Shuffle Blues: Bass Line. Guitar: Kanji Hard Tail. Fender Pro Reverb (2). D’Addario Strings. Pickboy 1 mm TF Signature.

    Before going ahead...

  • QAP02 How to Learn with Guitar Wisdom

    How to Learn with Guitar Wisdom. This site is not designed for a typical “A to Z” approach. Start with the Beginner Series. Focus on Foundation and Technique! What are you truly able to play well? What would you like to improve? Guitar: Orangewood Ava Mahogany Live. D’Addario Strings. Pickboy TF ...

  • QAP03 Learning to Improvise

    How can I learn to improvise? What is the best method for learning? What are you thinking, when you improvise? Tomo has some answers for these and other questions. Know the song form/chord progression. Understand guide tones. Prepare: listen, copy, analyze, and compose! Guitar: PRS Silver Sky. Fe...

  • QAP04 Foundation Test Level 2

    Foundation Test Level 2. Scales. Triads. 7th Chords. Groove. Performance. Guitar: PRS Silver Sky. Fender Pro Reverb (2). D’Addario Strings. Pickboy TF Signature.