Sight-Reading Series

Sight-Reading Series

Welcome to the Guitar Wisdom Sight-Reading Series, in which Tomo will guide you through Section One of a popular Berklee lesson book, "A Modern Method for Guitar, Volume 1" by William G. Leavitt, former Chair of the Guitar Department at Berklee College of Music. Section One of the Leavitt book focuses on reading/playing in the Open Position.

This Series will be helpful to anyone who would like to read music and learn fundamentals of technique: picking, muting, rhythm skills, and so on. It may be particularly valuable to anyone who would like to attend Berklee College of Music, whether online or in person, and to prospective students who are preparing for their first semester at Berklee.

No sheet music is presented in these videos, so you will need to buy a copy of the book, in order to follow the lessons. The book is available at and elsewhere.

As you begin this Series, you may want to look at these other Guitar Wisdom lessons for supplemental information: Theory 01 C Major Scale and Lessons 006 and 006-1 on Triads.

SR01. Introduction to this Series. Pages 3 - 5. Exercises 1, 2, 3, 4. Muting Technique.
SR02. First Duet. Pages 6 – 7: Sea to Sea. Muting Technique. Creating a Loop.
SR03. Pages 8, 9. Exercises 5, 6, 7, 8. Down Picking. Muting.
SR04. Pages 10, 11. One, Two, Three, Four Duet. Muting, Picking and Comping Technique.
SR05. Pages 12, 13. Ledger Lines. First Position Review. Picking and Muting Technique.
SR06. Pages 14, 15. Imitation Duet. Sharps + Flats. Left-Hand/Right-Hand Muting. Accidentals.
SR07. Pages 16, 17. Here We Go Again Duet. Muting. Comping. Bass Notes + Chords.

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Sight-Reading Series